What happens when you put together a music obsessive, a make-up connoisseur and dancing pagan preformer? Bubble POP Shock is what! Covering all things cultured, creative and random, take a snoop around the most bubbly poplicious website you will ever find. 

Marianne O’Hear

Studying make up artistry, this girl can teach you a thing or two about a contour. Marianne will take the reigns in all this beaauty and style, it’s easy to see why!

Martyn Mclaughlan

This writer needs no introduction. A performer and entertainer that can give you top advice and knows his way around a tea biscuit or two. Follow his updates on all his visual wonders

Rachel Moss

From EDM to metal, this girl knows her way around the music industry. And give her fridge full of food she can whip you up a masterchef meal. What more do you need?