Saturday Playlist: Lay back, Get Relaxed

Sometimes you just need some light guitar and naked vocals to guide you through the day. Whether it’s a hard rock track going acoustic, to DIY singer songwriters, we have you covered. This playlist is for those lazy afternoons baking cakes or having a vino out in the yard. So sit back, relax and get lost in some brilliant music.



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The Younger Years: Playlist

We are having a reminisce this Sunday night, looking back at our younger days. Many of us went down the alternative teen route (ourselves included!). Whether you channeled your inner Marilyn Manson or your pop punk Hayley Williams,  we  all chucked on a pair of Dr Martens or checked Vans and coated our eyes in the blackest of black eye liner. So this week we are dedicating a playlist to the days we hung at the back of Borders and gracing Glasgow’s Cathouse unders, with music bringing back memories from some of the best days of our lives.

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The Alternative Side to The Great Escape

Festival season kicks off today with The Great Escape in Brighton. Tantalising music goers and industry experts (using that phrase very loosely) with the cream of the crop of break through acts – and Craig David. From sultry synth’s to stripped back folk, TGE covers every genre, including some snazzy jazz. However lets look at the louder side of the festival. The Alternative Escape this year has the best guitar fuelled bands causing a ruckus and making a fucking scene. Here are 3 must see acts over the 3 day event.


Kicking Thursday off in style is 3 piece Aussie rock act, Grenadiers. Hailing from Adelaide, Austrailia, the band released their fast pace   album Summer last year. They fuse a modern punk sound, with influences from Alexisonfire that just blow my fucking ears away.  All their songs are craftsmanship of another alt level. Loud and vicious, this trio are set to tear up their set at Northlane Brewhouse in Brighton.  They are truly something out of this world.

Press to Meco

I LOVE THIS BAND. It still astounds me that many people still haven’t heard of the fun loving lads that are Press to MECO. This band can harmonise to hell. Their debut album Good Intent was released last year and they certainly sent music industry in to a frenzy. Their songs are always bouncy yet they could be singing about the saddest thing in the world. Vocally perfect, they have established a strong, unique  rock sound for themselves. I find myself constantly smiling when blasting them through my headphones. They will be playing AIM presents Scuzz UK TV Throwdown showcase on Friday night.

Demob Happy

Having seen these guys a good few times, it is a major recommendation you go seem them play at this year’s Great Escape. Demob Happy have bring grunge back with a fucking bang. Deep guitars, loud drums teamed with less scratchy vocals make them a must see at Brighton’s Youth Centre on Saturday. They have edge, attitude and songs you will sing for days. Chuck all this in the rock melting pot it makes a perfect band.