#DragWednesday: On cheap wigs…

So a brief introduction to #DragWednesday…

Basically Drag Wednesday is my own favourite day of the week where I get into drag for no particular reason whatsoever to have some fun and look fierce.

This week, I decided to go for something a bit more understated than usual (yeah right) so not as to detract from the subject I want to talk about – WIGS! More specifically bargainous (ie cheap lol) wigs. So today, Rachel and I are gonna review some wigs, give some opinions and point you in the right direction if, like me, your purse screams at the suggestion of lace fronts and human hair wigs.

Cheaper wigs seem to get a bit of a bad rap. When you hear cheap wigs, you have a tendency to think of the shiny, plasticky monstrosities that you find in some fancy dress shops but thanks to the internet, a world of better quality bargain wigs has opened up. I only have 3 in my collection so far (but trust me, this is not the end, simply the beginning of an addiction) and none of them were over the £10 mark. So I’m gonna pop down a couple of sellers and shops I’ve used and give you some pros and cons.

Personally, I’m not keen on human hair wigs. I worry about the ethics of the human hair business after reading a harrowing article about Asian women being scalped for their hair and ever since then, I’ve never even entertained the idea of a human hair wig. Now, I’m not implying that every manufacturer of human hair wigs gets their hair in this manner but along the lines of my slight mistrust over the cruelty free aspect of some cosmetics, you just never know. So I’m a synthetic kinda gal. Typically, synthetic wigs are less expensive as well. So here goes the reviews…

Long Curly Rainbow Wigs Pink/Purple Mix


First off we’ve got this gorgeous pink number from eBay. My firstborn. Now, I totally freaking love this wig! The colours are beautiful, the strands are pretty soft and it sits well. I’ll touch more on the aspect of wig care and styling at a later date but it’s been washed and styled since buying at although it was a bit of a trial trying to figure out a way to style it without extreme heat, it was really easy to re-curl after washing. What I love about this wig is that brushing didn’t affect the quality of the wig. Yes, washing affected the curls but I was pretty terrified of brushing it incase strands started pulling out and the wig was fucked. The actual lines of hair that are sewn in (I’m not an expert so forgive me for not knowing the technical terminology for this) are really close together and there’s a lot of them so there’s a load of hair there to work with, the netting doesn’t show through due to the fact that it’s so dense which is a massive bonus. I personally thought that it was blatantly obvious that it was a wig but I’ve had so many people assume it’s my real hair and asking me about the dyeing process and people have been totally taken aback when I’ve told them it’s actually a wig. At £8.39, it was a total steal and the compliments have been endless so I definitely think it’s worth a look. There’s a good variety of colours, solid and mixed so plenty to choose from. Like most wigs, it’s also adjustable sizewise and it’s pretty generous at it’s non-adjusted setting so no matter the size of your head, the size clips offer a lot of options.

100cm Long Glossy Straight Wig


Secondly I have this gorgeous white/silver number from Twinkle Deals. First I want to say that the prices on Twinkle Deals are great but be wary that there’s added charges for postage, tracking and the delivery times are pretty long. I waited about 4 weeks for this to come so if you need your hair in a hurry, I don’t know if Twinkle Deals is the site for you. The wig itself has been a bit of a pain in the arse if I’m being totally honest. Upon opening, I was absolutely blown away by the softness and condition of the wig and threw it on my head straight away. Then the shit hit the fan. The first thing that was glaringly obvious was the size of the netting cap underneath. It’s pretty darn small. It was really difficult to actually cover my hairline even with a wig cap on and it felt quite insecure because of this. So if you’ve got a larger head, steer clear. Due to the length of the wig, it knots pretty damn easily. Now, this isn’t a reflection of the quality of the wig itself but the length isn’t made for longterm or regular wear if you don’t want to spend half your life brushing it. Which brings me to the styling. Washing was pretty easy and it  dried surprisingly quickly considering it’s so long. After drying, it came to the arduous task of brushing this monster. I went through it first with my fingers to see if I could separate the knots and tangles but it was not to be. I got a brush and started brushing, holding close to the roots so none of the strands would come away. Alas, it was not to be. The brush was full of strands but thus far hasn’t made a noticeable difference. Brushing has left it in really bad condition as well, the strands are no longer silky and soft like they were at first, which isn’t surprising I suppose when you consider the price) and it’s quite frizzy at the ends. While brushing, I noticed that the rows of hair are pretty few and far between. I don’t know if it’s due to the manufacturing itself being cheaply done (you get what you pay for I suppose) or if it’s due to the excessive weight if you’ve got such a long wig with so much volume in it. This makes the netting noticeable at the back of the head when being worn long which obviously isn’t good if you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re wearing a wig. I’ve ended up just putting it into a braid so that it can be worn without the netting showing through. Definitely not somewhere I’m going to be buying from again.

Hosee Wavy Wig in Wine Red

BeFunky Collage1.jpg


Thirdly, and lastly (so far) is this little Amazon number. With Prime delivery, it’s great if you’re needing your wig quick and quite a few of their wigs were same day delivery if ordered before 12pm. This out of the three, qualitywise, is the best. It’s so soft, sits and feels like real hair. For a synthetic wig under £10, I’m blown away. The cap alone is amazing. I’ve posted a comparison photo between the caps on the other two and the one on this and they are nothing alike. The cap on this has soft bands running all the way around the wig which keeps it sitting properly and it doesn’t slip up, making it look like a more natural hairline. It also makes it more comfortable to wear and there’s no itching whatsoever with this wig. I swithered about buying it as the photo on the listing wasn’t very good but after seeing it in the flesh, it truly is a gem and a brand I will DEFINITELY be buying from in the future. Ten out of fucking ten!!!

BeFunky Collage4.jpg

To sum up this long winded post, I don’t think it’s worth  being snobbish about cheaper wigs. There really are some hidden gems out there as I’ve shown with the red Hosee wig. It truly is a brilliant wig and I love it so much. Keep an eye out, shop around and if the worst comes to the worst, you can always return it.

Much love everybody,

x M x

#DragWednesday: On cheap wigs…