Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

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Rocky Horror Picture Show


Richard O’ Brien’s Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic which has amassed a cult following since it’s humble first live stage debut in 1973 (soon to be made into a movie in 1975), which skyrocketed to success and has stood the test of time decades on. More than 40 years on, RHPS is still gaining new fans, young and old, as time goes by and continues to stand on it’s own as one of the most popular musicals to grace the stage.

It’s not hard to see why RHPS hasn’t lost it’s appeal so long after it’s release. Whether you’re introduced to it through the stage show itself or the movie adaptation, it’s hard not to be sucked in. From it’s weird and wonderful characters to the infectious soundtrack, it’s a rare occasion that you’ll come across someone who doesn’t appreciate the wonder that is Rocky Horror. A twisted tale, sexual and humorous all at once, it’s sure to steal your heart from the opening number to the curtain’s close (or the end credits if you’re watching the movie before anyone gets smart).

I had the great pleasure of being able to see the live performance firsthand tonight at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow. The current cast of the show includes Diana Vickers as Janet (tonight played by Lauren Ingram), Liam Tamne as Dr. Frank-N-Furter,  and Norman Pace as the narrator (full cast list and information on the show at the bottom) and what a wonderful cast they were. The whole cast truly brought the house down and captured the essence of Rocky Horror.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

When most people think of Frank-N-Furter , an image of Tim Curry in stockings and suspenders, oozing pure sexuality, strutting across your screen is what is conjured up. Those are some very big shoes (and stockings) to fill and Liam Tamne stole the show as the bizarre, twisted, gender bending character who fans have grown to love and adore. It’s a role which, I imagine, would be quite intimidating to take on with people’s expectations after Curry’s interpretation of the character but damn, that boy NAILED it yet made it his own! A definite standout amongst the amazing cast on stage.

A true spectacle, the show was everything you could have wanted whether going in as a long time fan or a newcomer, I was blown away. The music, the singing, the dancing, even the damn lighting, was just exquisite.


The atmosphere in the room was electrifying from the minute the curtains opened as the whole crowd was in full swing, belting along to the numbers, good humoured heckling of the narrator and up on their feet dancing. The room truly was full of joy. Although it did feel like a near death experience when we were all up on the grand circle doing the Time Warp and the whole stand felt ready to collapse under our collective weights.

I must admit, afterwards I felt truly sad that it was over. The whole two hours flew by and I truly wish that we could’ve gone back to see the showing later on this evening.


If the opportunity arises that you get the chance to go and see it, you WILL NOT regret it. It truly was the most fun I’ve had in ages! And even if you don’t enjoy it (which you bloody well will), you have a stark reminder of just how attractive a man in women’s lingerie can be…

Tickets, cast and other information are available at the RHPS site: Rocky Horror UK

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Rocky Horror Picture Show