The Younger Years: Playlist

We are having a reminisce this Sunday night, looking back at our younger days. Many of us went down the alternative teen route (ourselves included!). Whether you channeled your inner Marilyn Manson or your pop punk Hayley Williams,  we  all chucked on a pair of Dr Martens or checked Vans and coated our eyes in the blackest of black eye liner. So this week we are dedicating a playlist to the days we hung at the back of Borders and gracing Glasgow’s Cathouse unders, with music bringing back memories from some of the best days of our lives.

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wp-1472070297617.jpgFrom goth rock superstar to film composer and now a childrens album! Amy lee shot to fame in 2004 with her band Evanescence and lead single Bring Me To Life from their seven times platinum debut album Fallen. Since then Amy has proved herself as a major player in the rock scene and has slowly become an icon for woman in rock and metal. With other break out singles and albums such as the powerful Call Me When Your Sober and What you Want, its no wonder why their fans are still begging for more.

Amy has no shifted attention to a childrens album, inspired by the birth of her first bornwp-1472070294271.jpg Jack. Leaving behind her gotic image for a more joyful and vibrant colourful one, Amy is showing a totally different side never seen before. From first listen of Dream Too Much (first single from the album of the same name) we can hear a motherly loving which is has instilled in this track, while at he same time staying true to the powerhouse of a voice fans has comes to expect.

wp-1472070290244.jpgWith a new album and image you could forgive her for putting Evanescence on the back burner however you would be wrong. At the later end of the year they will hit the road in a 16 date tour across America.

At this point after 12 years, there seems to be no stopping this powerly creative woman!

Martyn Out! X


Nova Twins Release Self-Titled EP

This band caught my eyes a few months ago when I stumbled across this North London duo a few months back with their grunged filled track Bassline Bitch. So when Nova Twins released their debut EP last week I was fucking buzzing. And still am.

Opening with their latest single Hitlist, this wp-1471980021424.jpgEP takes you on a journey of harsh tongued rhymes and filthy guitars, to the dark synths in Drums. The female empowerment this EP gives is unreal and the more I listen, the more I turn it up and go wild. It’s filled with punk, hip-hop goodness that we don’t hear often nowadays, and has essences of old Rage Against the Machine throughout.

These are two girls I wouldn’t want to mess with and look forward to them kicking ass in the years to come with their unique blend of music.


Nova Twins Release Self-Titled EP

Zola: The Beginning, Middle, and End EP

It’s always hard for a band to release their music for the world to embrace and decide wether or not their band is for them. 4 peice rock outfit Zola have graced us with their brand new EP, The Beginning, Middle, and  End. This heavy 3 track release definitely didn’t offend our ears. 

The quartet have certainly explored the heavier side of rock, especially on More, which had tinges or Korn with their meaty riffs. However this is definitely not a metal album. If anything the Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal influence are highly evident, and at times feels like I am just listening to them. Lyrically this band have nailed the art of song writing and know the formula for a perfectly loud rock track. 

The opening track 3000 is definitely a favourite here. Starts subtle, builds beautifully with the wail of guitars and in cuts in lead vocalist Nick with his unique voice. It will be interesting to see where this band will go with their next release and how they will develop. With a little bit more roughnes, Zola will be ones to watch. 

Their EP  The Beginning, Middle and End is out now.


Zola: The Beginning, Middle, and End EP

The Saturday Playlist

The weekend is in full swing and wether you are having a wild one or a BBQ in your back, we recommend getting these tracks added to your playlist!

The Blet Project – The Anthem

A young band fresh on the scene who have nailed it with their second track. Electronic keys and soothing vocals are a match msde in heaven. Ticking both indie-esque and electronic boxes, get this added to your playlist.

Arbitraire – Dandelions

A Danish trio that certainly know the world of electronic.  A deep bassline throughout gives this track a moody feel, then the beautiful tingly beats cut the track up into a playlist winner. Why aren’t Radio 1 all over this?

Altered Sky – Stupid In The Dark

For me this is abband who can do no wrong. Embracing girl power vocals like Hailey Williams, Altered Sky grow with each single they release. Going for a more moody approach with this track, it certainly get you riled up for a night out, that’s for sure.

Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

It would be rude not to include these boys in a playlist recommendation this week. This track is a bit more low key than Swings & Waterslides, however you will find yourself singing along quiet quickly.

Tagerines – Long Way Home

This quartet incorporate everything I love about indie music. Country wailing Bob Dylan vocals slashed with a brilliant saxophone segement and you have the perfect mellow BBQ jam. A brilliant 2nd single from this London band.

The Saturday Playlist