Nova Twins Release Self-Titled EP

This band caught my eyes a few months ago when I stumbled across this North London duo a few months back with their grunged filled track Bassline Bitch. So when Nova Twins released their debut EP last week I was fucking buzzing. And still am.

Opening with their latest single Hitlist, this wp-1471980021424.jpgEP takes you on a journey of harsh tongued rhymes and filthy guitars, to the dark synths in Drums. The female empowerment this EP gives is unreal and the more I listen, the more I turn it up and go wild. It’s filled with punk, hip-hop goodness that we don’t hear often nowadays, and has essences of old Rage Against the Machine throughout.

These are two girls I wouldn’t want to mess with and look forward to them kicking ass in the years to come with their unique blend of music.


Nova Twins Release Self-Titled EP