The Younger Years: Playlist

We are having a reminisce this Sunday night, looking back at our younger days. Many of us went down the alternative teen route (ourselves included!). Whether you channeled your inner Marilyn Manson or your pop punk Hayley Williams,  we  all chucked on a pair of Dr Martens or checked Vans and coated our eyes in the blackest of black eye liner. So this week we are dedicating a playlist to the days we hung at the back of Borders and gracing Glasgow’s Cathouse unders, with music bringing back memories from some of the best days of our lives.

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Boy Jumps Ship: Wake Up

RATING: 9/10

It feels like it has been a long time coming for  Boy Jumps Ship to release this. Wake Up is the  brilliant début album from the Geordie quartet and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Yes it is filled with naughties pop punk goodness, but only the good parts of that era (come on, who doesn’t like Blink 182?).  The opening track Burn immerses you in to hard riffs and drums, and truly lets you know Boy Jumps Ship have arrive and aren’t fucking about. After that you hurtled straight in to pop punk fueled No Tomorrow and with this track you feel your back hanging at your local skate park being on ‘the alt scene’. From their on in each track gets stronger and stronger, more edgy with a complete polish alt rock sound. The delicate vocal opening on Night Stories caught my ear straight away, then cutting in to a full band crescendo of an ending makes it my favourite track on the album.

The North East lads have done themselves justice with this album. Yes it is tinged with pop punk vibes, but not to the point you would want to vomit in your vans. This album is full on insanely catchy lyrics that you will get stuck in your head for days and is most definitely an album you should have in your alt collection.

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Boy Jumps Ship: Wake Up