#MotivationalMondays : Stop Playing The Victim

 Todays #Motivationalmonday lesson is a short and sweet one. Stop playing the victim! How? I hear you cry. Simply stop making excuses and take charge of even he little things. Using the ladder of accountability and knowing what excuses are easy to constantly dip in and out of, we can hange the cycle.

Take some positive energy, no matter how small, and climb that ladder. Stop excuses and live life! So dance in the rain. Laugh hearty at jokes and simply smile and bring on the wrinkles of old age!

Be Bold. Be Brash And Always Be You

Martyn out!

#MotivationalMondays : Stop Playing The Victim


Mondays tolls again and although it is nearly over im here with a quick and short message!
Head into this week with the mind set of happiness and positivity. Hold those you love close to you and cherish he small moments.

Recently I learned how much other people in my life can effect me. Surround yourself with people you trust and those who want to bring the best in you out.

So to recap, I urge you to tell those you hold dear to you of your love and admiration for them and dont live in regret
Be Bold, Be Brash and always Be You!