#DragWednesday: On Morphe Brushes…

Well hello and good evening! Coming to you late again since I can’t seem to get my days of the week right. Took our Martyn to remind me that it was actually Drag Wednesday… Cue sort of rush job while I’m in the middle of cooking dinner which culminates in a pretty shitty Drag Wednesday. I’ve disappointed myself to be honest LOL! But hey, what can you do?


So this week, I’m reviewing my glorious new brushes!!

Since I was starting college this week, it was time to stock up on some nice new brushes to start off with so after humming and hawing, browsing hundreds of brush sets, I almost had a nervous breakdown. No exaggeration or mocking, I genuinely lost my shit.

Whilst almost at the point of giving up, I stumbled across these beauties…


A 30 piece Morphe Brush set which includes a roll up case with a belt. Again, I hummed and hawed at the thought of spending £140 right off the bat on brushes. But you can’t be a make-up artist if you don’t have the brushes (no sarcastic comments about how you can do airbrushing and make-up sponges), you can’t do the job well if you don’t have the right tools.

Anyway, the set I have is the Morphe Brushes 30 Piece Master Studio Brush set (501). The brushes are made up of a mixture of both natural and synthetic fibres. This was a bit of a shaky spot for me as I only use cruelty free beauty products. I did a bit of reading and apparently Morphe themselves that the hairs used in their brushes are cultivated in a cruelty free manner. The handles are wooden (as you would expect) with a chrome ferrule (again, as you would expect) and the brush number is clearly marked on each brush so you can cross reference with the list to know which brush does which job.

Upon opening, the brushes are all wrapped and the fluffy fan brushes have plastic protectors over the fibres, no damage in manufacturing or delivery. 

All of the brushes are soft but not too soft that they’re unworkable. They pick up a ridiculous amount of product and there’s no waste with creams or liquids are they’re dense therefor you’re not losing liquids soaking down into the centre of the brush. The S94 in particular is a standout for me as brushes I’ve used for foundation in the past have left me streaky or so much fluid soaks down into the brush that I end up using far more product than I ordinarily would. The liquid foundation literally sits on the flat surface of the brush and doesn’t budge until you actually apply it to your face.

I noticed a little bit of shedding with the fluffier face/powder brushes, in particular the M400, but after a wash, any loose fibres had come away and the brush was fine and ready to use.

Can’t forget the case. There’s a belt attached with a clip and it’s easily adjustable whatever your waist/hip size. It’s not too heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear. There’s plenty of room in the case to add more brushes (because you can never have too many).My only issue with the case is that there’s no top flap or ties. Any cases I’ve had in the past have had a flap at the top which folds down over the tops of the brushes and ties at the end so I can roll and tie them away. The Morphe case just folds over in half. Which is fine if I’m just storing them away in my kit *but* if you’re planning on taking them out in a bag or anything like that where they’re not securely laying flat, you’re running the risk of them falling out of the case and ending up in the bottom of your bag. Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a huge problem but just make sure you carry some spare cleaner just in case. 

Over the course of the past week that I’ve had them, I’ve used almost every brush in the set and none of them disappoint. I’ve found that working with eyeshadows that I wasn’t keen on in the past due to pigmentation, I’m actually starting to get more use out of them as it seems to be that it might have been the brushes not picking up product very well as opposed to the shadows themselves.

Overall, it’s an amazing set to have. Whether you’re embarking on a career in make-up artistry or just want a good set of brushes, they’re well worth the investment! Considering on the Beauty Chamber website, the brushes alone (excluding the 4 or 5 which they don’t stock on their site) cost approximately £155. So if you factor in the extra brushes and the belt/case, it’s a massive saving in the longrun to buy the set and build on it. While it might seem like a scary outlay at first, just remember that in time, the brushes will pay for themselves!!

Until next time, don’t forget to slay all day, every day!!

x Marianne x

#DragWednesday: On Morphe Brushes…