Marsicans – Absence EP

Sometimes fate brings a band to your attention for a reason. I feel this happened with Leeds quartet Marsicans.

The Absence EP (Deluxe Edition) was released earlier this month and is filled with dreamy indie pop goodness. 8 tracks including 2 remixes, and ending with a soothing string quartet version of the harmonious song Far Away. This whole EP bleeds a summer that we didn’t have, with opening track Absence transcending you to the middle of nowhere, cruising around with wind flowing through your locks. That is a  constant feeling throughout this EP.  Far Away eclipsed the other songs for me. The summery riffs, crashing drums, and the perfect harmonies lingered with me for hours after listening. Even the string quartet version  left tingles on my arms, taking the song to a different dimension.  The remixes by Pixel Fix and Will Featherby,  also took tracks Arms of Another and Swimming to another place, and shows just how good the original tracks are.

The Marsicans are out on a huge tour this September and we recommend you catch them. They are an astonishing band we highly tip over the next few months. Get The Absence EP now.


Marsicans – Absence EP

The Saturday Playlist

The weekend is in full swing and wether you are having a wild one or a BBQ in your back, we recommend getting these tracks added to your playlist!

The Blet Project – The Anthem

A young band fresh on the scene who have nailed it with their second track. Electronic keys and soothing vocals are a match msde in heaven. Ticking both indie-esque and electronic boxes, get this added to your playlist.

Arbitraire – Dandelions

A Danish trio that certainly know the world of electronic.  A deep bassline throughout gives this track a moody feel, then the beautiful tingly beats cut the track up into a playlist winner. Why aren’t Radio 1 all over this?

Altered Sky – Stupid In The Dark

For me this is abband who can do no wrong. Embracing girl power vocals like Hailey Williams, Altered Sky grow with each single they release. Going for a more moody approach with this track, it certainly get you riled up for a night out, that’s for sure.

Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

It would be rude not to include these boys in a playlist recommendation this week. This track is a bit more low key than Swings & Waterslides, however you will find yourself singing along quiet quickly.

Tagerines – Long Way Home

This quartet incorporate everything I love about indie music. Country wailing Bob Dylan vocals slashed with a brilliant saxophone segement and you have the perfect mellow BBQ jam. A brilliant 2nd single from this London band.

The Saturday Playlist

Viola Beach: An Album We Won’t Forget

It’s hard to think that the debut album from Warrington’s Viola Beach will be their last. A band kicking off their musical journey with rave reviews of their first single, Swings & Waterslides, they were a band everyone was watching closely. Unfortunately this came to a tragic end when their car came off a Swedish bridge a mer 5 months ago. However needless to say these boys were a talented bunch and the album is a piece of history to cement this.

With well known tracks’ Swings & Waterslides and Boys That Sing, their tasty indie pop vibes shined through. Catchy melodies teamed with simple lyrics makes these tracks easy listening, and will find yourself singing them – constantly. Hidden amongst these gems though are tracks Like A Fool and Call You Up which showcase the purest talent these lads had. The sound of summer has been captured with this album and I find my self having it on repeat constantly.

All this postivity from a fantastic debut is tinged with sadness, knowing we will never get to follow this band on their musical journey. Make sure you get their album here. You will be silly not to.


Viola Beach: An Album We Won’t Forget

ROMES Debut Believe EP

RATING: 8/10

Canadian quartet, ROMES are set to cause a stir with their summery début EP, Believe. They have a balance of synth pop graced with delectable beats, that make this 4 track release an easy listen – and on repeat! Their lead track Tryna Be, stormed the internet with resounding reviews, and with it’s smooth pop feels throughout it’s easy to see why. This track gives the feeling you are prancing around a sun kissed island and captures positivity at it’s finest. Radio 1 should be all over this that is for sure. Spend The Night  certainly has sounds similar to The Weekend, going for a darker intro and then cutting in to a catchy guitar riffs. It gives this track an edgy feel.

Produced and mixed by Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83, Fitz), you can certainly here the highly quality and fine tuning that has gone in to this delicable first release, Listening to When The Night Comes, you can get a feel of what direction this band will be going in. Their polished sound and accomplished yet simple songs will pull in a lot of fans and air play.

Believe EP is out now.

ROMES Debut Believe EP

Discover with… Frank Turner

Punk/folk singer-songwriter, Frank Turner is known for championing fantastic emerging talent, and this week he chosen a few amazing, fresh artists for us to champion here at Aesthetic Roots.


Talking about the London based singer-songerwriter, Frank talks about how he discovered U.R.I, “I met Uri when I was doing some stuff at his college. He was miles and away the most talented kid in his class. Now we’re doing a few shows together. He’s great.”  U.R.I released his Black Flag EP last year, and has received resounding recognition, and definitely a marker for something big to come.


On first listen, Little Robyn has such a delicate vocal and I personally love the stripped back, DIY sound she gives. “She’s a friend of mine’s cousin, but she blew me away when I saw her play lately.” says Frank.  With her songs telling stories, I can’t wait to hear more of hear journey.


I think it would be rude if Frank didn’t choose one of his eclectic, tour buddies, and he has recommended none other than the quirky Will Varley“Will is on Xtra Mile Recordings now, his latest (third) album, Postcards from Ursa Minor is a masterpiece.”  The video below says it all. Lyrical genuis.

Discover with… Frank Turner