Swallows: Haunted EP

I find it hard to keep a strong interest in hardcore bands. I feel they can stagnate very quickly. Not the case with Scottish band, Swallows. Their new EP, Haunted is their best music to date and has restored my faith in this scene.

The whole EP is a concoction of abrasive vocals cut with the melodic guitars and percussion, giving the quartet their strongest release to date. Haunted draws similar sounds to La Dispute and Frank Carter, taking you on a brutal melodic journey of sheer perfection.

With a delicate sound in Almost Always,  to the poetic feature of Adam Craig on A Tired Soul, you are taken on an intense music journey with a band that knows how to get to your core.

Heading out on tour on 9th September, be sure to check these guys out for a raucous on new levels. Haunted is out now, be sure to get your copy here.



Swallows: Haunted EP

The Younger Years: Playlist

We are having a reminisce this Sunday night, looking back at our younger days. Many of us went down the alternative teen route (ourselves included!). Whether you channeled your inner Marilyn Manson or your pop punk Hayley Williams,  we  all chucked on a pair of Dr Martens or checked Vans and coated our eyes in the blackest of black eye liner. So this week we are dedicating a playlist to the days we hung at the back of Borders and gracing Glasgow’s Cathouse unders, with music bringing back memories from some of the best days of our lives.

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Live: Zola’s Debut Show

“If I’ve any faith at all it’s in that man’s beard.” 

When going to a bands debut show you will always be a bit sceptical. Especially when you haven’t heard a drop of their sound. However Zola did not disappoint. 

Playing The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow a small crowd started to gather for show wp-1471105354427.jpgopeners The Rhubarb. Taking us through a doom metal set and drunging riffs and bass, and thrashing drums, this Glasgow based band are loud. Each member nailing their instrument and vocals. Their prsence felt a bit stiff at times, and vocals sounded a bit scratchy at times, however by the end you were in a hypnotic trance and could see them band coming together for what was one huge drumming, jamming fuck off end to a show. A band we’d like to see in a different set up.

Now. The headliners. Over hearingwp-1471105340057.jpg someone saying “If I’ve any faith at all it is in that mans beard.” (frontman Nick has a stupendious facial accessory), gave a sense of doubt that this was going to be good, and that they were just a visually pleasing band. Oh how wrong. With a sound like Queens of the Stone Age, and a presence of a band that’s been around for a while, it was worth a year and a half wait for this show. Powerful vocals with expert guitar playing to carry them, it was a delight to the ears. Again although the sound was again, a bit off, it didn’t hide the talent these lad have. A fantastic debut pulled together by the band. We hope Zola will be on the scene for a while, a recommend from us.

Live: Zola’s Debut Show