Album Playback: Evanescence Fallen

downloadFallen is the debut studio album by the american rock family Evanescence, released on March 4th 2003 through Wind-up and Epic Records. The album has sold over 17 millions copies worldwide and they proved they were a band to be reckoned with and had a sound, that at the time, was very sparse in mainstream. 

One of the many stand our tracks is the powerful Going Under. Kicking the album off, it was the second single from the band and sees Amy Lee captivating you ears while the low guitar riff demands your full attention. With lyrics that hit the soul and a chorus that show off the stellar vocals it is easy to see how this was not only a concert staple for the band, but also a fan favourite.

Another stand out track is the light yet powerful Imaginary. With lyrics that describe Amy’s beautiful world inside head where she can retreat to the song is both powerful and wp-1473930135407.jpgalluring with a haunting melody coming to a crescendo at the end with driving guitar and Amy reminding us not to give up on this world. 

Whisper is the final track of the album and does not disappoint with intensity and strength from Amy’s almost haunting vocals, asking the listener to catch her as she is falling from the get go. The Latin choir at the end tied with Amy’s belting vocals helping drive this powerhouse of a song to its and the albums end. Fan favourite and one he has now, like Imaginary has been a concert staple for the band throughout all tours. 

Fallen proves Evanescence’s staying power and after 12 years they show no signs of stopping.These were some standout tracks for myself. What were you favourites from the album and what song captivated you like these songs did for me?

Martyn out x

Album Playback: Evanescence Fallen


wp-1472070297617.jpgFrom goth rock superstar to film composer and now a childrens album! Amy lee shot to fame in 2004 with her band Evanescence and lead single Bring Me To Life from their seven times platinum debut album Fallen. Since then Amy has proved herself as a major player in the rock scene and has slowly become an icon for woman in rock and metal. With other break out singles and albums such as the powerful Call Me When Your Sober and What you Want, its no wonder why their fans are still begging for more.

Amy has no shifted attention to a childrens album, inspired by the birth of her first bornwp-1472070294271.jpg Jack. Leaving behind her gotic image for a more joyful and vibrant colourful one, Amy is showing a totally different side never seen before. From first listen of Dream Too Much (first single from the album of the same name) we can hear a motherly loving which is has instilled in this track, while at he same time staying true to the powerhouse of a voice fans has comes to expect.

wp-1472070290244.jpgWith a new album and image you could forgive her for putting Evanescence on the back burner however you would be wrong. At the later end of the year they will hit the road in a 16 date tour across America.

At this point after 12 years, there seems to be no stopping this powerly creative woman!

Martyn Out! X