10 Reasons to Love… Regular Show

It was announced this week that Cartoon Network will be ending The Regular Show afterdownload-3 their current 8th season. The wacked up kids cartoon is a firm favourite amongst kids (and adults), and those who love the likes of Adventure Time and Amazing World of Gumball, also tune in to see Mordecai, Rigby and their odd posse on their bizarre adventures.  We thought we would look at 10 reasons at why this CN show will be one of your favourites in no time, and why we are all very said to see it come to and end.

It’s 11 minutes of bat shit insanity

Yes each episode has some form of a story line, however they are so out of this world you kind of question if there was any point. From random quips to then belting on 80’s classics, your mind becomes an explosion of  happiness and joy.

Skips is the big brother you secretly want

download-1Tough yeti Skips is always looking out for Rigby and Mordecai. In fact, he literally looks out for everyone in the show. From suffering heart ache, our beloved Skips is immortal. From going all mortal combat in fight scenes to being a good friend, we all want a Skips in our lives.

It’s Mighty Boosh for kids

Bare with me on this one. I understand it’s a fucking bold statement. Yes there are some innuendos for us so called grown ups, but it is targeted for kids. And for lovers of the good old Mighty Boosh, it’s worth the viewing pleasure. Random. Insane. Song and dance. As well as some strong looks. It’s the cartoon embodiment of The Boosh.

imagesIt mirrors our everyday life

Yes, even an out if this world show has some reality in it. The leads Mordecai and Rigby are constantly hooked to a gaming console, they are always eating crap and chucking sassy, bitchy quotes. Sums many of us up well. Haters gonna hate.

You cannot hate any character

From the green human Muscleman, ghostly fork to even the main characters, you want them all in your own posse. They are mental, funny and incorporate all the aspects of each of us in them (surprisingly I know!).

The reminiscing of the 80’s is rife

The creator J.G Quintel has made it clear he loves bringing back 80’s technology in Regular
 Show. From Rigby and Mordecai listening this_is_my_jam_1_2479-1to cassettes to to pay phones and VHS players. It gives us oldies a taste of nostalgia and makes kids go “What’s a cassette? All things which inevitably will be part of the mass revival of things a time past. I can certainly see myself dusting of the old VHS player and winding up so classic  Disney videos. 

The music is just perfection

The selection of classic tunes in this is undeniably brilliant. From Ballroom Blitz by  Sweet to Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds, it’s a list of tracks even your parents would be proud of. Again this ties brilliantly with the 80 inspiration throughout. A flashback perfection.

Even the movie wasn’t a total disaster 

Now when TV shows do movies, they don’t tend to work too well. Fear not! The Regular Show actually didn’t do too shabby with theirs. Rigby and Mordecai must stop an evil lord from destroying the universe and end up in a cluster of obscure situations, which provides for a good hour of laughs.

download-4The positive messages this show gives

Yes it’s bloody madness but this kids programme does give out some pretty positive messages. Always be yourself, have trust in your friends and always have a good time. Granted it is through their own crazy way,but the messages are still there. Now, who said TV wasn’t educational? 

It’s won a freaking Emmy Award

I mean, anything that has one an award is always worth a watch right?

You can catch Regular Show every day on Cartoon Network though out the afternoon!

10 Reasons to Love… Regular Show