Edinburgh Fringe Extended: Take 2

You cannot experience Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in a day – so we went back! More comedy, more singing, and more damn right weirdness. 

Olly’s Got A Match

This show made us upset. Not because it was horrific but because only 2 of us showed up. Unfortunately that is the reality of many shows throughout the Fringe. We were meant to go on a poetic journey with word genuis Olly Watson, however instead of playing to just us 2 he gave us a brilliant poem of hosting events to a crowd of 0. (A fitting poem considering the circumstances). We loved what we heard and wish we could of heard alot more from him.

Relatively Normal

wp-1471867315228.jpgA mixed bag of comedians took to the stage to discuss the one thing we have in common – families. Hosted by Aaron Levene, he was joined by the talented Matt Hutchinson, Declan Kennedy, Alistair Sadler and Matt Price. Although a few of the jokes flatlined, we found ourselves howling with laughter mostly. From to the bone racial stereotyping to local dialects, we got a laugh at the family tales these comedians shared with us. Each of them have their own shows which we recommend go seeing!

Strictly Come Trancing with Ben Dali

Former Take Me Out contestant Ben Dali decided to unleash his hypnosis upon the Fringe. One of us was an audience member whilst the other was part of the show (we wp-1471872389485.jpglike to get a fully rounded experience here at Bubble POP Shock). After being placed under a hypontic trance, Martyn was asked to perform acts from playing the piano with his penis (which did not make a full appearance to the gratitude if the audience) lifting a ballon as a heavy weight competitor to ballet dancing across the stage. When the show ended, Martyn slowly started recall what had happened much to his embarrassment. Funny, witty and captivating, this is a show not to be missed.

Well, It’s Woody

After her first show we just had to go see Woodstock Taylor in Well It’s Woody – and wp-1471867307219.jpgwhat a show! With Woodstock tantelising us with her brilliant songs, including singing about everyones favourite Pokemon fish, Magicarp. From acts such the brilliantly funny poet Phil Alexander, whos poem of the Edinburgh lurgy has us doubled over to the fine cabaret vocals of Celia Delany, whos parody of on my own and songs of sexy bald men showed off stellar vocals and a wit to match. 

Catriona Knapman regaled us with poems of travelling and a dance teacher with a lust for life. Brilliant and one to watch. Both Dai lowe and Max Scratchman were superb with very different tales, with Max telling gruesome tales of Edinburgh to Dai sharing stories of of a womans revenge on her husbands ludicrous pranks. Truely a fabulous show with the finest acts of the Fringe.

Be sure to catch these peformers and many more, all the details can be found here.

Edinburgh Fringe Extended: Take 2

The Free Fringe: Extended Edition

It’s the time of year when an array of performers from around the world descend upon the Scottish capital to delight us with song, dance, comedy and bat shit crazy shows. Yes, it’s the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.We braved the busy capital and explored the PBH’s Free Fringe. What a fucking treat we were in for.

Woodstock Taylor & Songs

wp-1471283822297.jpgFirst from the flyer we were intrigued as to what Woodstock Taylor was going to provide. With open minds, we embarked to Fingers Piano Bar. First impressions of Woodstock is that of a very eccentric and bubbly character. She sat at the piano and from the small statured lady came forth a wonderfully charming voice that mathed the soul. With personal songs that resonate with you and catchy piano riffs that stay with you all day,  we urge anyone during the festival to give her a look in and bask in the warming and charming atmosphere that this bubbly woman creates, Head to her Facebook to find out what she is up to throughout the Fringe.

Space Cat Pasta Bake

We couldn’t hit the Fringe and not see some stand up comedy, and from the title we were intrigued. 3 comedians took to the stage at 48 Below in front of less than a dozen people, so our expections were skeptical. All of which were smashed away. wp-1471283825865.jpgBob Munro took to the stage with his dry, dead pan comedy, rattling off joke after joke. His off kilter persona was a perfect start. Next up with the hilarious Micky Overman. Talking tales of her job as a nanny to her love for Harry Potter, we couldn’t breath with laughter. Her smiley personality shined through her whole set and we certainly embraced it. Last but certainly not least was the fantastic Ross Smith. He worked the small crowd and delivered every joke perfectly. His one on one interaction was on point and can certainly work with an eclectic audience! All 3 were very different but all fucking hilarious. A must see. Show times and venue can be found here.

Bad Girls Comedy Showcase

3 girls. 1 guy. A whole bunch of laughs. Short sets from some of the best talent the UK offers, Bad Girls Comedy Showcase left us wanting more. Gracing the stage at Whistlebinkies was Susie SteedSonja DoubledayLindsey DaviesSam Gore and Amy Gledhill. From making audience members be sucked up by the black hole to sloths, from bodied like lasagne to tinder tribulations, it was just fuck off funny. It left us wanting more of each act and a much needed trip to the loo. The line up for each night can be found here. It’s not to be missed.

It’s safe to say we’ve only tasted a miniscule amount of the Fringe, and will be hitting it up for the rest of the month. You cannot put a price on brilliant talent.

Check out our photo gallery from our trip through to the capital here.

Martyn & Mossy out xoxo

The Free Fringe: Extended Edition