Banish those monday blues!

  Its that time of the week again everyone. Mondays calling for you be miserable after a somewhat positive break. My advice this week, RESIST

  I set all who read this a few goals this week  that I’m sure it’ll bring you joy. Its the little things that make me smile these days so heres a few.

  • Smile at , at leash 5 people a day. A random smile can make someones day.
  •  Hug and tell those close to you that you love them. With so much hate and cattiness these days we forget about the love.
  • Breathe! When lifes gets to you, compose and breathe. Most situations arent as bad as they first seem
  • If all else fails, fake it! Dont feel like smiling? Well fake it. After a few minutes itll become second nature and you wont be able to stop

  To summarise. Be happy. Be kind. Breathe. Enjoy life. Above all else remember Be bold! Be brash! and be you!
Martyn out!

Banish those monday blues!

Mundane mondays? No more!

Mondays always seem to be the day many of us dread, A concept i have never understood. Indeed the weekend is an epic time filled with promises of wild nights out and chilled nights in and the work week can be a drag however i have a tiny solution hat may perk even the lowliest of people up. 

The solution is very simple! Positive thinking. Every cloud has a silver linings to be slighly cliched but so very true. Yes! I hear the moaning and groaning of a technique that may seem outdated or overused but it is that simple. Wheather it be a that glimmer of hope of the weekend ahead or the anticipation of the day finishing, these are the wonderous thoughts that keep us all going. Clear you mind and take on the journey of new beginnings.

So this monday fret not at the start of this new week. Tackle it head on. Begin a new week with positivity and drive to better your week and better you yourself. As always be bold. Be brash. Be you.

Martyn out!

Mundane mondays? No more!

Back in black!

Black clothing? In autumn? Well according to the runway this season black is the ideal colour and must have wardrobe outfits to make an impression when out.

  • Chunky clich├ęd belts
  • Formal / Milatary looks
  • Dark tones for darker nights
  • Calf high boots
  • Structured looks

So this autumn dare to unleash your inner goth. Dare to use darker tones for even darker nights and remember

Be bold. Be brash. Be you.

Back in black!