Drag Wednesday: Bye bye brows…


So Drag Wednesday has rolled around once more and since our Marty focused on eyeliner last week, I decided to tackle the eyebrows this week.

No matter what look you’re going for, in drag or out, a good set of eyebrows are vital to frame the gorgeous eye look you’ve created. You wouldn’t stick a Picasso to the wall with push tacks, would you? NO! So we need to create a frame to suit. With drag, a lot of queens go for a very hyper-feminine arch or opt for a thin brow. So some prep is necessary to be able to get that new and improved feminine brow. Here are just a few options which I’ve tested out:

  • Tape – It’s possible to get an arch simply by using tape to lift the arch of the brow. This works best with men who have quite orderly brows and womens brows. The drawback comes with covering up the tape in question so I have a tendency to avoid.
  • Shaving/Waxing – This one all depends on how comfortable you are with half to no eyebrows whilst not wearing make-up/being out of drag. I personally already shave off the outer half (maybe 3/4) of my brow so I can extend my arch and have a more exaggerated brow shape and it really was a life altering experience (thank you wine)  because doing my brows has become so much easier. You could go the full whack and shave your eyebrows off completely but I’d take a serious think before jumping in. Are you prepared to draw your brows in every day or will you feel comfortable enough to go completely browless on days where make-up isn’t an option or you’re under a time constraint.
  • Blocking – The most opted for choice of queens, make-up artists and cosplayers the world over, is blocking. Which is simply just covering the brow. Sounds simple enough but I’ve had enough mishaps to know that you need to do it right for it to work. The upside of taking the time to block though, is you’re left with your own natural eyebrow hidden underneath so that you can just wash it right off when you’re done and are as good as new. Here’s a simple step by step on blocking…

What you’ll need:

Cleansing water, a spoolie (or two), glue stick (preferably Elmer’s purple glue stick), pressed or loose powder (I’m using baby powder for this tutorial), metal spatula (or the closed end of a set of tweezers will do in a pinch), foundation.

Step 1: Cleanse the eyebrow area, ensuring that there’s no product or any facial oils remaining. Take a spoolie and brush your eyebrows, finishing with a downwards stroke.


Step 2: Take your glue stick (Elmer’s purple glue is the best to use but I’m working with Pritt Stick at the moment) and rub it along the eyebrow, first against the grain, then with the grain so every hair is coated. I only have the first 1/3 of my eyebrow so you would just do it over the whole brow or however much you’re wanting to cover up.

Step 3: Take an eyebrow comb or a spoolie and brush the hairs firmly in the direction you want them to go, flattening them to the skin. Allow the glue to dry.brows2

Step 4: Use loose or pressed powder (I prefer baby powder myself) to set over the area which we’ve just glued down. At this point you should have a good amount of coverage from the powder alone.

Step 5: Take your metal spatula and scoop a small amount of glue onto the tip. Use the spatula to press the glue along your eyebrow, ensuring that the area is completely smoothed. You want to cover up the texture of the eyebrow but you don’t want to leave an obvious line where the glue is. Allow to dry and repeat step 4.

brows4Step 6: Cover with foundation and set with powder.

It’s really not difficult once you get the hang of the smoothing and timing the drying of your glue. It’s a worthwhile technique to master as it can be incorporated into everyday makeup, face painting, special effects etc.

So now that you’ve got no brows, go forth and be creative with your eye make-up. I’ll be back next week with some handy tips and products for drawing your brows back on again!!

Be bold. Be brash. Be you.

x Marianne x

Drag Wednesday: Bye bye brows…

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