Top 10 Rupauls Allstar Queens : The Queen sized edition!

So Rupauls Allstars season 2 is well and truly underway so we taken a moment to rank our queens from ten to one! Based on challenges, overall style and looks. We are reading these Queens and word of warning,  a spoiler alert is in action!

#10 Coco Montrese

Yes her look is less orange and is much more visually pleasing, but that first challenge to showcase talent – fail. The overall look was a no no for me.


#9 Adore Delano

Everyone had high hopes for this fan favourite with a stellar singing career outside of the contest. However the pressure got too much for her and I feel she gave up too quickly before she even gave herself a chance.


#8 Ginger Minj

This comedy queen came to play. Funny from the outset and in challenges. Looks wise was a bit of a let down when compared to other queens. A queen we expected far more from.


#7 Roxxxy Andrews

With a change of attitude (whether playing a game or not) but not much else, we are seeing Roxxxy fall middle to bottom of the pile, despite winning the first lip sync. She is providing us will a big ol’ meh, and yet e expected more from this fiesty woman. Can this thick and juicy girl pull it back. She did in season 5, can she repeat this?



#6 Phi Phi O’hara

The bitch is back! Whether it be editing or not girl, we are not here to slate her. Gaining momentum in the challenges and with killer looks on the runway this is certainly a fierce queen. However will she be remember for slaying bitchin’ or slaying the runway?

#5 Katya      

Crazy Katya is our middle of the road queen. Although amazing as Bjork in the snatch game the rest of he runways and challenge have been a little too bland and meh. Can this fan favourite rise to the top?


#4 Detox       wp-1474540827393.jpg 


With hilarious performances, iconic lip syncs and fashion worthy runways, Detox is hitting it. However the reason she does not hit our top 3 is the same reason as season 5. We feel she is not pushing it enough, and we  we always want more from this beautifully talented silicone wonder.


Yes! After the last elimination we would love to see Tatianna, Alyssa and Alaska in top 3!

Tatianna felt she had more to show and has grown most from her season. Repping the older seasons, we feel this queen deserves to go all the way to the final 3.  Alyssa Edwards seems to understand her stardom and comedy. Applied with a face of beauty,  we salute her. Alaska has always been a force to be reckoned with. Hilarious and devilishly devastating can this queen take the crown?



We’ve ranked them, now it is your turn! Do you agree with our pecking order? Let us know your thoughts! Now slay queens SLAAAY!

Martyn Out!

Top 10 Rupauls Allstar Queens : The Queen sized edition!

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