Marsicans – Absence EP

Sometimes fate brings a band to your attention for a reason. I feel this happened with Leeds quartet Marsicans.

The Absence EP (Deluxe Edition) was released earlier this month and is filled with dreamy indie pop goodness. 8 tracks including 2 remixes, and ending with a soothing string quartet version of the harmonious song Far Away. This whole EP bleeds a summer that we didn’t have, with opening track Absence transcending you to the middle of nowhere, cruising around with wind flowing through your locks. That is a  constant feeling throughout this EP.  Far Away eclipsed the other songs for me. The summery riffs, crashing drums, and the perfect harmonies lingered with me for hours after listening. Even the string quartet version  left tingles on my arms, taking the song to a different dimension.  The remixes by Pixel Fix and Will Featherby,  also took tracks Arms of Another and Swimming to another place, and shows just how good the original tracks are.

The Marsicans are out on a huge tour this September and we recommend you catch them. They are an astonishing band we highly tip over the next few months. Get The Absence EP now.


Marsicans – Absence EP

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