Zola: The Beginning, Middle, and End EP

It’s always hard for a band to release their music for the world to embrace and decide wether or not their band is for them. 4 peice rock outfit Zola have graced us with their brand new EP, The Beginning, Middle, and  End. This heavy 3 track release definitely didn’t offend our ears. 

The quartet have certainly explored the heavier side of rock, especially on More, which had tinges or Korn with their meaty riffs. However this is definitely not a metal album. If anything the Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal influence are highly evident, and at times feels like I am just listening to them. Lyrically this band have nailed the art of song writing and know the formula for a perfectly loud rock track. 

The opening track 3000 is definitely a favourite here. Starts subtle, builds beautifully with the wail of guitars and in cuts in lead vocalist Nick with his unique voice. It will be interesting to see where this band will go with their next release and how they will develop. With a little bit more roughnes, Zola will be ones to watch. 

Their EP  The Beginning, Middle and End is out now.


Zola: The Beginning, Middle, and End EP

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