Live: Zola’s Debut Show

“If I’ve any faith at all it’s in that man’s beard.” 

When going to a bands debut show you will always be a bit sceptical. Especially when you haven’t heard a drop of their sound. However Zola did not disappoint. 

Playing The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow a small crowd started to gather for show wp-1471105354427.jpgopeners The Rhubarb. Taking us through a doom metal set and drunging riffs and bass, and thrashing drums, this Glasgow based band are loud. Each member nailing their instrument and vocals. Their prsence felt a bit stiff at times, and vocals sounded a bit scratchy at times, however by the end you were in a hypnotic trance and could see them band coming together for what was one huge drumming, jamming fuck off end to a show. A band we’d like to see in a different set up.

Now. The headliners. Over hearingwp-1471105340057.jpg someone saying “If I’ve any faith at all it is in that mans beard.” (frontman Nick has a stupendious facial accessory), gave a sense of doubt that this was going to be good, and that they were just a visually pleasing band. Oh how wrong. With a sound like Queens of the Stone Age, and a presence of a band that’s been around for a while, it was worth a year and a half wait for this show. Powerful vocals with expert guitar playing to carry them, it was a delight to the ears. Again although the sound was again, a bit off, it didn’t hide the talent these lad have. A fantastic debut pulled together by the band. We hope Zola will be on the scene for a while, a recommend from us.

Live: Zola’s Debut Show

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