Monster High: A Preteen’s Guide

wp-1470669920876.jpgIf you have young girls’ in your family you will know about the Monster High craze. And with Lady GaGa announcing she is creating a doll for the toy brand this fall, it’s set to grow even bigger. So my crazy 11 year old neice Lilly has decided to share with you all her top 5 freaky favs!

Robecca Steam

wp-1470669645706.pngI like this Monster High doll because she is like a robot and has a very old, steam punk style. I really like the colour of her hair too. Very bright!



Venus McFlytrap

wp-1470669721637.png I like her because she is the daughter of the fly trap, so she is a plant  – I find that cool! I like her edgy style, and how she has vines around her arms and legs.



wp-1470669680975.pngDraculaura is a vampire but her style is very girly and pink but with lots of black too. She was one of the first dolls I got. She is like a cute, girly goth!



Gigi Grant

wp-1470669694759.jpgHer clothes are very shiny – shiny gold cuffs, shiny gold earrings, the lot! Her hair reminds me of a snowman, except red instead of white. She is very cool.


Clawdeen Wolf

She is a werewolf rollerskater but her outfit 

wp-1470669658947.jpgis not something you would see when skating. Very wild and just so cool. She’s my favourite out of them all as she is my favourite animal and has the best style.

I love Monster High as they are a creative style of dolls, being all monsters. I just love their clawsome style!

Lilly and Mossy out xo

Monster High: A Preteen’s Guide

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