Album Playback: Frank Turner – Postive Songs for Negative People

A year ago yesterday Frank Turner released Positive Songs For Negative People, so let’s reminisce to a brilliant postive infused album from the punk folk poet. I’ve listened to this album on repeat for the past year, and have picked a few of my favourite tracks from this brilliant masterpiece.

Get Better

downloadThe 1st single from the album and a firm favourite with fans. It’s nice to have a positive Mr Turner and this song connects with many of his followers. A positive remember that we can always be a bit better.

The Next Storm

This song comes with a brilliant music video of Frank getting into the ring and going all Ali. A track that gets everyone moving. The song does feel like a storm – starts mellow, builds steadily, huge crescendo and finishes by leaving a sunny smile on your face.


My FAVORITE on the album. The rough vocals of him hitting the high notes, and the simple melody means you blast this track and sing it at the top of your lungs. Lyrically I connect on a very personal level to this track.


Out Of Breath

Pure punk folk goodness. Fast, high energy and literally will leave you out of breath. ‘Nuff said...

Song For Josh

A poignant song and a fitting way to end the album. Written for a dear friend who took his life, it’s a gentle reminder to talk. To remember you are never alone.

Mossy out. ❤ 

Album Playback: Frank Turner – Postive Songs for Negative People

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