Viola Beach: An Album We Won’t Forget

It’s hard to think that the debut album from Warrington’s Viola Beach will be their last. A band kicking off their musical journey with rave reviews of their first single, Swings & Waterslides, they were a band everyone was watching closely. Unfortunately this came to a tragic end when their car came off a Swedish bridge a mer 5 months ago. However needless to say these boys were a talented bunch and the album is a piece of history to cement this.

With well known tracks’ Swings & Waterslides and Boys That Sing, their tasty indie pop vibes shined through. Catchy melodies teamed with simple lyrics makes these tracks easy listening, and will find yourself singing them – constantly. Hidden amongst these gems though are tracks Like A Fool and Call You Up which showcase the purest talent these lads had. The sound of summer has been captured with this album and I find my self having it on repeat constantly.

All this postivity from a fantastic debut is tinged with sadness, knowing we will never get to follow this band on their musical journey. Make sure you get their albumĀ here. You will be silly not to.


Viola Beach: An Album We Won’t Forget

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