Life At The Label: No V

So in every job we have to undertake mundane tasks. Working at a record label is no exception. The past week I’ve been doing the long task of updating press reports. Now, granted I do that weekly. Searching every inch of the world wide web for all coverage of our bands, but when you have to print out PHYSICAL copies of press coverage, it is a fucking nightmare. Especially when the band in question has release an album, 3 singles, and had a whole load of tour dates. I’m talking about Therapy?. From releasing Disquiet last March, then following this up with singles Still Hurts, Deathstimate and the most recently released Tides EP, it’s safe to say they have had a lot of coverage. And not just in the UK. It’s easy to see why, they are alt metallers that have a hardcore following. I take great pleasure in looking at a bands press coverage, and not just Therapy?‘s.

I get a sense of pride and fist pump the air at how well they are doing and that all our hard is paying off. That people are enjoying the music we are sharing and promoting to the world. For me, it’s a sense of achievement since this is the career I’ve wanted for a long time.

Life At The Label: No V

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