Life At The Label: No IV

So the main releases are out. The highly anticipated new album from The Qemists, Warrior Sound and the debut alt rock album from Boy Jumps Ship, Wake Up. It has been manic. I’ve been trying to become organised (I know, I’m already Miss Perfectionist as is!) and making sure I can manage and work both campaigns, although my focus has been The Qemists. I would be lying if I said it was plain sailing. Trying to keep communication between bands, PRs and press has been a pain, if not the most annoying thing. However the lack of communication has not hindered these releases and have both received resounding reviews and praises from fans.  Me and my comrad George have tackled the social media mind field for these campaigns. From creating adverts (NOT FUN) on Facebook, sharing, retweeting, yelling. The usual social meartwork07d2dia tactics.  If I can give you any advice is don’t be afraid to make mistakes, social platforms are all about trial and error. One thing may work one week then completely flop the following. If you find something that works, and works well repeatedly use it to its full advantage! By christ we certainly have.

We also had a sneaky Therapy? release amongst the chaos of the big album launches. Tides EP came out and if anything that campaign went  plain sailing. Therapy? fans are fans for life and will by anything that the band release. Have to say it is a cracker of an EP. Not heard it yet? Why not!

You think once the releases were out we could mellow down a bit – wrong! We have to keep the momentum for each release going to essentially keep the fire alive. So if you want to see what we have been doing head to Amazing Record Co’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website for all your new music needs.

Life At The Label: No IV

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