ROMES Debut Believe EP

RATING: 8/10

Canadian quartet, ROMES are set to cause a stir with their summery début EP, Believe. They have a balance of synth pop graced with delectable beats, that make this 4 track release an easy listen – and on repeat! Their lead track Tryna Be, stormed the internet with resounding reviews, and with it’s smooth pop feels throughout it’s easy to see why. This track gives the feeling you are prancing around a sun kissed island and captures positivity at it’s finest. Radio 1 should be all over this that is for sure. Spend The Night  certainly has sounds similar to The Weekend, going for a darker intro and then cutting in to a catchy guitar riffs. It gives this track an edgy feel.

Produced and mixed by Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83, Fitz), you can certainly here the highly quality and fine tuning that has gone in to this delicable first release, Listening to When The Night Comes, you can get a feel of what direction this band will be going in. Their polished sound and accomplished yet simple songs will pull in a lot of fans and air play.

Believe EP is out now.

ROMES Debut Believe EP

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