Life At The Label: No. III

I’ve been given some fantastic opportunities hear at Amazing Record Co. I’ve graced many gigs on guest lists, I’ve met some of the big players in the industry at Generator’s Music Futures, I’ve attended the AIM Rock & Metal Conference back in February, but to date, getting to be part of Creative North’s Get Digital event has been the most rewarding. I love all things music, but I am a nerd when it comes to technology and product development. Lucky at  Amazing Record Co., we are good friends with Vector 76, a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) company based in Gateshead. It was a matter of time before I got involved with this, as I have already mentioned I have a love for new technology. I got offered to help out at the Creative North Event, in which I was helping Vector 76.  So what was this event in aid of and what place did a VR/AR company have at it?


Get Digital is an event from Creative North that brings an array of technology and media businesses together to celebrate the digital and creative sector here in the North East. It was creative to showcase what these businesses can do, whether for potential investors to young people looking to take their first steps in to the sector.  Essentially, a VR companies dream to scout out some of the freshest talent and potential funding! It was a crazy day, and to be brutally honest, explaining to kids what VR and AR is was a bit of a drag, however chucking the various headsets we had with us on them was good fun. It’s very easy to see the fascination with this not so new concept of virtual reality, and the options are endless and what can be developed for it. Personally, I feel it can be used well for the music industry, especially live shows. Who knows, maybe I can create the next big concept for music VR, or at least get someone to do so.

Life At The Label: No. III

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