Label Life: No. II

When you have 3 releases all due out within a short time frame of each other, it can be a strain. This is something I’ve recently encountered. Although my focus is on The Qemists campaign, with working in such a confined office you have to be able to give a hand with every project happening. With this in mind, I certainly got involved with every band on our label by doing the most mundane task of  all – CD making. Unfortunately it is one of those tasks that, as as small company, has to be done in house and I was the unlucky soul to do it. Copy after copy, label after label, it got done and we got over 1000 CD’s got sent out to various PR’s.

At times I wonder is there still a need for hard copy promo material. I mean, with everything being of the digital age, is the cave man style of PR relevant? I guess the excitement of receiving unreleased albums, exclusively to yourself and only a few hundred other people is nice, but when all this information can be sent digitally and, in my eyes, more effectively, why should we go to the effort to appease various press big wigs will fancy hard copies music for a band they couldn’t give two shits about? Because we need our music to sell. We need our artists to be promoted and if it gets us the key press coverage every musician dies for, whether it is in NME or Kerrang!, it will add up to sales. As always, it boils down to making those worthy notes in our back pockets.

Label Life: No. II

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